“I am attracted to narratives that explore the spaces that exist between peoples subjective potential and their lived reality.

 Humanities base desire is for a better existence, a tomorrow that is better than today. Hope is the fundamental driver that gives our existence meaning, that drives us to overcome the impossible.

Hope however often lies at odds with our lived reality, which for many people is an unintended reality, far removed from our subjective potential... our dreams and hopes. Often this dichotomy is deliberately created through political, religious or economic policies seperate from the realm of influence of the individual. 

Hope is also more than an imagining, it appears to be hard-wired into our DNA as a species. Hope is the basis around which all religions sustain their appeal, and the fulcrum around which all political power maintains its grasp. All power uses either hope or despair as their primary commodity.

People require hope in order to survive. Without hope people’s lives and very existence lose their essence. An absence of hope gives rise to despair, a point at which a person or society potentially become their most dangerous, for in the absence of hope there is nothing left to live for – and an individual or group will sacrifice everything, including their most sacred of possessions, their own life, in order to regain hope.

It is this tenuous thread, and the space that exists between hope and despair that I am attracted to explore in all its forms.“


·       Exhibition for TLC  (A documentary essay on health care in the impoverished Shayomoya township of South Africa)

·       Exhibition at APC (The exhibition above was showcased at the African Palliative Care Conference in JHB)

·       Finalist & Honorable Mention – OSISA (Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa). 



·       Exhibition on Leadership in conjunction with the Gordon Institute in JHB



·       Winner of the inaugural Global Campus's PRISMA Human Rights contest (Italy)

·       Shortlisted for the Black & White Photographer of the year (UK)